by Chris Krasnow

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I have been writing and recording this record on and off all this year. I've been through tours with different bands, recorded and played with many new people, and have experienced and listened to a lot of new music, all of which have made it onto this record one way or another. Enjoy, here's WONDERPARK.

Physical copies available soon at chriskrasnow.com!


released January 6, 2016

All music written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Krasnow

All instruments are real and played live, with the exception of certain percussion/drum samples

© Chris Krasnow 2016



all rights reserved


Chris Krasnow New York, New York

Chris Krasnow is a multi-instrumentalist and recording/mixing engineer living in NYC. He plays guitar in bands Sister Helen and Citris, drums in Knucklehead and trombone whenever he feels like it. He will record your next album.

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Track Name: Floral Destiny
Each breath I breathe in between I'm shuddering with no control
and the color Green is around circling us circling us
when the burning flame's ready and gives us heat I suddenly look up and soak in
everything surrounding in the trees is dancing with us

Free inside a dream
Is it still spring?
Don't think we'll ever know
But do we even want to lessen where we need to go
(while we can) Sing inside a maze
or lay in haze
and watch the stars that glow
and talk about the beach exactly where the water flows
in a floral destiny

Each sphere I skip naturally I jump all across the sound
Makin the surface shake to the rhythm, to the rhythm
Keep on moving round this decision while I make sure it is smoking
After all I'll be here, keep the heat on, keep the heat on
And watch yourself, please don't get bitten
while we're all outside

Ask me nicely
For this to be
Far more friendly
Like destiny but for now
I still can't see
In front of me and I like
When you're resting
I'm suggesting us to be free
Track Name: A Wish to Rewind
When I sit and wander into the entrance of my weakened mind
Just look at what I've done
These thoughts are racing by me
Overwhelmed and subdued, I'll take a chance and bring you what I find
Is this good enough?
Is this how I should try?

Let me renew, there's definitely another long waiting line
But other ones I choose
Might not satisfy me
It's ok if you knew, I think it's obvious after the tenth time
Upfront is all I've got
I'm never one to lie here

I only wish I caught myself
Falling free, it's hard to tell
I only wish I lost myself
Before I was stuck here

Insane, it's true, I'm constantly reminded of your smile
But now it's not as clear
In fact it's kind of foggy
Slip away into a dream that has been idle for a while
Before it all runs out
I'd rather try rewinding

Even if we fall, we'll have everything
That we could both want, right under our wings
So just take my hand now, we're late for our trip
Back to the beginning, this time I will not slip
Track Name: City Streets at Night
She told me to please share the scene
Seems natural, but I failed to be discrete
It didn't matter, cause it turned out fine

Which direction we choose to fly
Is bendable, as long as we take our time
But we should go now, yes with ice and lime

This pavement is so disgraced
Ironically, all I can see is your face
Standing beside me, while I stand in place

Plug in my headphones with the ringer on
Id like to hear when your texts have come when they've gone
Suspense is exciting, but thats my song

All these people, and all of these giant lights
Make it my home, I want to share it, to share it all with you)

Chill down my spine while walking through
My neighborhood, still nothing compares to you
I need to fight it, but do I really have to?

These city streets I call my own
Nothing is better for mindlessly wandering to
more wishful thinking, to end the night at home
Track Name: And You Too Can Sing!
Through the rain now
Pouring in the shade, how
Heavy to wade out
Especially with all these misty highway lights
Not too safe to
Carry on with virtue
Take a detour, forever

Oh please
I'm not your enemy
I'll listen happily when you just feel like
Singing, with me alone
You can't imagine
How much it means to me
That we repeatedly favor the sight of
sweetly, slowly dividing
My fleet of daydream walls

Look over at me
Tell me what do you see
As you're wondering
Just exactly when and where I chose to write
That haunting melody
latched onto your memory
Just please keep listening, forever

Make things more than sparkling
Tasting avoid the markings
Create things so they're sparking
Repeat until it's blinding
Track Name: Puddles
When it seems so small at the waterfall
Snapping pics of what doesn't seem to resolve
Grab a bite to eat cause we're endlessly
Reaching for what we believe is energy

If you only knew my name
If you only knew how I still feel the same
about why I decide to stay another night when I'm to blame

Unscrew it and take a big sip you're gonna
just lose it but quickly reel in while every-
one chuckles but doesn't get why you do it
thick skulls that are gonna get beat so just keep
moving on and take a big step but look out
for puddles or you're gonna get wet and drip a-
way after everything has been said and done

If you only played the game
Or let me know to keep me from going insane
At home while I just sit and write about the light or who to maim
Track Name: Sweet Marmalade
You're dragging me out
You're reeling me in against the grain
You're bringing me down
Little did you know
I prefer to be under restraints
You're making me sick
while making me smile
As if I could not escape my thoughts
Before we both ran
And came to a halt
our feet were conjoined on asphalt
intertwined properly
The island long set us free

Pull away as I want to stay
Smell the same perfume nearly every day
Time to dissipate while others negate my strive
to obtain other scents and sprays

Magic number three
and adding a one changes the meaning
we both can relate
with space on our plate
we're eager to fill it while we wait

Burning smoke fades with waves
Vibrant like sweet marmalade
Mellow light in the sky
Champions only want more wine and
Make more drinks watch tv
And not for long it's you and me
conjoined on asphalt
intertwined properly
the island long set us free
Track Name: Carry On to the Moon
You didn't ask her, carry on to the moon
You didn't ask her carry on to the moon
You didn't think hard, ride the train, you'll be soon
Prolong the way you felt in June

Underwater overtones and washed over my lack of
Confidence and brittle bones, I stayed high
Couldn't see or smell at all, until my stars were brightened
Right beneath the clouded bowl which was shaken

And when I felt I couldn't really figure it out
Lie to myself, it's as real as it gets
Confused no more, as if I want to scream and shout
And to the moon we're flying as the sunshine sets

As the world knits from the ball, it's wrapping us inside it
Digging out shouldn't be hard, but why try it
Single serve, not strong at all, I'm all light hearted fighting
Take it with a grain of salt, in mood lighting
Track Name: (Atmosphere)
Breathe, think until you know
Free, it's your turn to go
Track Name: Never
When you don't stop hanging onto, the times you want to keep
After all that we have been through, I thought you'd finally sleep
Everyone else figured it out, why do I feel like a creep?
I couldn't help it, I changed my mind

Then you come to me
From my afterlife
You make it hard to see that it isn't right
Because recently
I actively fight
To find the sweetest parts of other sights
it feels like never

Everything is so far long gone, I'll stand by you honestly
As if you didn't know what I thought, or what I currently think
I agree it doesn't make sense, but why live by the ink
You shouldn't be here, I thought I was fine
Track Name: Ember
When the cloud floats around passively
Tempers flare, unaware, analyzing
Reel it in, blow it out, try to breathe
Basically, you have got all that you need
Even though, it all seems to disagree
Look beyond, straight ahead, light is shining
Through the smog, that is failing to seem
Obstinate, now we all know what we need

They come and they go
This time I'm holding on now
There's no way to know
That's why I'm gripping tighter
Funk you, just keeps a coming
Ember, flame keeps a burning (tonight)

While we're told to avoid many things
Just relax, take a seat, it's all timing
Understand that each and every thing
Always lies in surprise activities

So just come with me/and we'll see what we
Keep discovering/with our eyes closed
Colorful lady/100 degrees
Keep your flame by me
Stick it out, stay to see all this blinding light
All the ash left behind disintegrates my fright
What a way to live, every time, NE-VER lose sight
Cause in the end, she'll be there, so just sit tight
Track Name: Won't You Please Explain
It's only as shiny as gold
This part of me is eager to fight
and finally make things feel natural
and slowly rewrite the darkness with all of the light
As soon as we rethink what we're after
It's easily hidden in plain sight
But luckily I've seen through the plaster
I'll show you with all the glitter in your eyes

And all these things inside of me
Creatively activate
My lust for thee and all you make
Won't you please explain (why I take
all of my time to dedicate
while waiting for any sign you make
signaling a hope for fate)

It's already three in the morning
But any time you call will suffice
I'll knock out, while speaking on the phone
As long as you remind me to lay down on my side
But I won't expect you to play fair
Especially with games in our minds
And this is friendly competition at best just watch out
When you decide the time is right
Track Name: Stumble Upon Me
Leaving me alone
Currently I'm on my feet and
On the streets at home
I'm right where I need to be
Again, I see, time moves, too slow
The fin, ish line, won't e, ven show
But I know you're there

You've swam the sea
and sang to me
My tone
I think a lot
And my peripherals rot
Please stumble upon me

No more adderall
You're like my own ecstasy and
Chase ends with a fall
But I'm resilient and I'm free
And when, I see, the sky's a hole
All my, ideas, fall from the tree
The question is where

Please happily stand next to me
I want to see how far we lead
Track Name: Man Behind the Mask
Underneath I saw your true eyes
when they, would glow and stare right up into mine, while I
Played for you, you'd help me come to
all these happy endings when I didn't know what to do

Feel the rug under your jawline
Just sit, relax, all the healing needs is time,
Or I, would feel blue, knowing what you've been through
All without a mending, there's so much that you've helped me see is true

Clawing harder
Need to explore and walk with you, when we're in the
with my mother and like my father taught me to
Just stay with you

You were hidden from your wisdom
At least I saw and I took it straight to heart every time
How'd I lose, the only piece I knew
Fit in every possible situation

walk by my feet, leave scents and what else you need
all this time I'm waiting to see just what's in store

Who you were and what did I find
Inside the store, noticed at night time
How easily you shined on all

And ill keep you in my mind, all I will see
Are your stripes in the moonlight. sitting next to me
Carefully chose your nine lives, never quite complete
Until time made up your mind
My old pal, you were all mine, taught me not to cheat
Future days straight in front of me, all that I ask
Is to pet you once more