by Chris Krasnow

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All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Chris Krasnow

Dedication remains the same

© Chris Krasnow 2013

Album artwork painting by the late Zelma Krasnow


released August 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Chris Krasnow New York, New York

Chris Krasnow is a multi-instrumentalist and recording/mixing engineer living in NYC. He plays guitar in bands Sister Helen and Citris, drums in Knucklehead and trombone whenever he feels like it. He will record your next album.
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Track Name: Fish in the Sea
If you're fucking cold, then I'm fucking freezing
Whatever you think is remotely displeasing
I witnessed the end of the flame I was feeding
And now all I see is the remnants of cleaning

I could move on and it would be fine
The fish in the sea just have way too much time
Eager for someone determined to fly
With the sky as my filter, I'll watch you soar on by

If you're fucking lost, then I'm fucking leaving
It's not my choice to avoid your achieving
You know I feel much more than the needy
But all my feelings are positive and healing

Forever and once again
We try to bring it back to where it has been
Return to what we plea
The fact that life is dead within the sea
Track Name: When the Stone Crumbles
Standing tall for as long as I can bear to hang on
Without sunshine
The clouds above are starting to darken and rain upon
My constricting vines

Falling off, these pieces are my mind
When the stone, crumbles I go blind

Listening to the others and I want to sever ears
They don't know
Missing you has shown to never heal but
Deliver a blow

Torn and humble
Utter mumble
Will not make it
When the stone crumbles
Track Name: The Call
So sweetly disjointing
I have your back
Still here and lamenting
I want it back

Weaning off and it feels unacceptable
Two beats that should blend nicely and stay down
It's hard to be understanding and cheery cause
It feels empty when you aren't around

I want your reaction
Just to refresh my mind
It's merely a fraction
Soon enough you'll get the call

Pure rage comes in, spells similar to the type
You saw when I'd, feel we were over
It sucks to think, our reason was timing and
I'd start advising for us to drink up and hang out
Track Name: Bronchodilator
I visit you, only you, all the time
If you only knew, how tied up I was inside
The past we made, over in, record time
The extra years, I deserve, lost in sight

This could be the story forever too
I wouldn't mind if we could see things through
(This isn't the end, it's just beginning
I can't breathe just yet, it's not forgiving)
Traveling to retrieve what I think you
Deserve more than everyone confused

Feel the air at night
It's so cold without all the light

I figured that, in due time, we'll be right
The stories that, I retain, still haunt my mind (fucking SHIT)
You're on your way, to become, like fine wine
With all your art, you will be a golden sign

Breathe in the current
Washing over insurance
Ill wait for her when
She breaks my durance
Track Name: Back in Time
Watch the swinging pendulum
Wait for time and peace
We always said those years were much better and
I long for our release
When we hear their voices
We have not been phased
Endless comfort from Marley and Jimi
Have all those thoughts been erased?

And I wrote this song to take you back in time
Cause I feel so strong, I'll help you with your climb

Everything is possible
I'm more than meets the eye
Deep inside there's enough to hold on to and you
Really can't see why
Anyone would choose otherwise
I'm better than the rest
Seeking guidance for which road to travel, please just
Look inside your chest
Track Name: Underdone
When it comes to savory spite
I enjoy the taste
As I finish it seeps into my sin
I'll leave no waste

It feels better when, It is underdone
In the summer light, Spoiling in the sun
Cry all we want, We're still having fun
Giving a head start, Now you better run

Feeling weak inside my body
Because of all my rage
I still prefer to disembody and
Try to escape my cage

Spiraling into the sky
(This should have never happened
I wish we weren't blackened)
You don't know how hard I try

Distant thinking breaks my fall
I don't know what to do
I just wanna play my guitar
And try not to think about you