Subconscious EP

by Chris Krasnow

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All music written, performed, and recorded by Chris Krasnow
Album art by Juliette
© Chris Krasnow 2012


released August 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Chris Krasnow New York, New York

Chris Krasnow is a multi-instrumentalist and recording/mixing engineer living in NYC. He plays guitar in bands Sister Helen and Citris, drums in Knucklehead and trombone whenever he feels like it. He will record your next album.
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Track Name: Crown//Sunset
Ruby, shimmering in light
Beauty, eerie lavish sight
Distance separates the present from the ending
Visions, from the touch of gold
Fables, from within the stones
Hallucinations are telling you to just go home

Live in the sunset, your mind will be ok
Everything’s lucid in every way
Euphoria building with the swell and decay
Life in the colors, my mind melts away
Track Name: Across the Water
Glide across, across the water
Ride along, the ocean makes you stronger
Glide across, across the water
Don’t look off, below you is a monster

Reach the island, life is in your hands
Secure your spot in, this untraveled land
It can smell you, you reek of youth
From down under, there lies the truth
Track Name: Silhouette
Is there anyone listening?
Falling from mind
The right words scattered and missing
Watch as I unwind
Light is everything
Aside from time
The white lies under the chemistry
Of space put aside

Your image is a silhouette
The pattern’s hidden under it
Your body likes the numbing hit
That makes the world stay unlit

“Because we are endless, unlimited supply
Reality is our canvas, watch as the colors dry
They start to crack, fractured on the palette
Savor our allure, ignore the shadow’s tries

Live, in, side
Dark, must, die
No, one’s, cry
Will, be, live

Twisting and turning
Into a blackening state
Locked in the in between
The shadows form a gate
To keep it from happening
The vibrant lies
Blending, commanding, requesting
Do you control your mind?
Track Name: Subconscious
Think it, don’t forget it
Speak it, don’t regret it
Cheat it, you upset it
Read it, you don’t get it
Listen, you hear more than
Hissing, sounds of horror
Missing, from your thoughts when
The image is coming for more than you know

When my thoughts are far from kind / Who are you, subconscious mind?

Mission, from your vision
Slowly, makes incision
Nightmares, you envision
Quickly, your decision
Keep it, or ignore it
Beat it, or deplore it
With it, you can soar but
Against it, your actions are horrid and slow