No Estoy Muerto, Mi Amor

by Chris Krasnow

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All music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Chris Krasnow.

Dedicated to the best ever, you know who you are.

Watch me record "Change of Heart":


released March 29, 2013

Album photo by The Jake Smisloff

© Chris Krasnow 2013



all rights reserved


Chris Krasnow New York, New York

Chris Krasnow is a multi-instrumentalist and recording/mixing engineer living in NYC. He plays guitar in bands Sister Helen and Citris, drums in Knucklehead and trombone whenever he feels like it. He will record your next album.
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Track Name: Exposed
Welcome to my own image
See how far we have come?
Some weight has been lifted
No more harsh aggression

You see the right
Deep inside the skeleton
No sense of fright
Just what has been exposed

Step forward to the other side
What lies here will not dry
Attention will be paid, do not try
Looking back seemed so high

Then again it’s always more of the same
Trying and writing to speak of the pain, speak of the pain
Letting loose will always come with my name
Yelling and screaming and playing until I’m drained, playing until I’m drained
Sit tight, sit, sit tight always
Keep light, keep, keep light on
Track Name: Your Foxtrot
Stay around til you hear it all blaring
We’ve already crossed swords when we weren’t daring
Steady your mind when you listen so carefully
I need a partner, can you come and help me?

I know you wanted to go dancing
I just thought I would always fall
We always played the game of chancing
Whether or not I’d get your call

Hiding out in the living room lately
Is everything over or just a new melody?
Feel the groove inside, why did we care to meet?
Because we’ll stall and then watch another movie

No real thought has gone into
Your foxtrot. When you stare through
Me, I’m caught right between you
And a lock that has been painted blue
Track Name: Misdirection and Tomorrow
Look at us, all together in this endless saunter
Follow us, if you want to take a chance and conquer
Try and trust, I believe we know what’s over yonder
Soon the plus, will become so clear that you’ll dive under

Misdirection and tomorrow
Surrounded by blinders
Jeopardizing brings on sorrow
Poor structures break quicker

Fire off, letting go of every task unwanted
Just a cloth, when you lift it you will not be haunted
Like a moth, you will consume any piece, undaunted
Ignore loth, step on out and into life untaunted
Track Name: Posters on the Wall
They’re staring me right in my face, lifeless watching eyes
Reminders of the time and place where we used to be
I see them, Jimi, Jules and Keith, I bought you two of three
I hope you always think of me when you paint and read

I don’t want to, rip them all off
They’re more than worthy, don’t rip them all off
Feelings burning, then you’ll be at loss
I don’t want to send those meanings across

These pictures hold my thoughts and dreams, glancing at our fun
I wish I saw what they could see, I could see you twice
The heat that warms you came from me, but I’m just returning
All the warmth that you’ve gave to me, why’s it so lovely?
Track Name: Cut Short
What a night, I still feel the velvet underneath
For some time, I believed that it was just a dream
Shared some wine, before the concert, only you and me
All seemed fine, when we were staring at what mirrors see

We could start where he left off, and sing a better song
Time was lost and people saw, where he was right or wrong
I could play behind your voice, we’d be great for so long
Just declare we have a choice, so we can remain strong

Not the same, we shouldn’t be what his set was about
Felt the pain, but didn’t think it end after that shout
Left a stain, stuck with a feeling that just wont wash out
Made the game, so we can change ourselves without a doubt
Track Name: Chianti
Were aging with the days that pass by, what are you looking for?
Maturing as the leaves turn to brown, why am I such a chore?
I'm losing time with every second, my mind has turned to shit
If I missed something, please forgive me, I swear I'll get with it
You pour me out, savor my feel
Drink up tonight
You treat me like I do appeal
To you tonight

Think thoughts that don't mean nothing, then you'll be right again
Be cool and chill with all her friends, don't ever ask again
Let her live her life in her own way, who cares who she may meet
It all amounts to something different, little miss hard to beat

Where did you go, I see your face
In the sunlight, you're standing there
Track Name: Believe
See, what you want to see, ending in glistening might
Free, you can only be, only so tapered and slight
Clean, all the things you need, maintaining drive in the night
She, in the time you spend, helps everything be alright

Taking over, you control your life, make it what you want to try
Hitting overdrive, cranking up the older times, endless warming tones start to fly
Always loving, I can be with you, never won’t be there by your side
Staring into space, always thinking of your face, whatever I can do, I abide

Believe, I do perceive things
Differently, don’t you see?

Understanding, what it takes to be, modest and determined combined
Playing everything, dealing with the shit life brings, I deserve to rock and outshine
Without your hand, I don’t know if I, would have what it took to just write
About anything, mending all the crazy things, that I’d do for you tonight

Changes in reality, will always strongly affect me
Watching you talk to me, is always a luxury
Claiming insanity, seems like a choice to me
I fell for you easily, now please pick up this debris
Track Name: Hindsight
Look behind, all we see are memories
The lights are turning down the grief
We took the time, to see each other smile
Difference lives only in our mind

I only think about you, there is no other life
Waiting until I can see your glow
To see you standing here, reflecting utter shine
It means the world to me
Everybody out there, can see how I abide
Interacting with my other side
We're singing happily now, under us is the sky
Your affection makes this world a melody

I fucked up, my blinders were killing me
My sight was focused on my pain
You were right, I always was looking down
Since then I've found depleted drain

I was always listening, taking time to see the right
Stability seemed to be missing, eager to reach the end of the night
The fight will always get to me, more and more as we progress
Unless the stress becomes lessened, and to reach that, i'll do my best
Track Name: Change of Heart
Walk the plank and you shall go, where you want to
Its just as hard as making up
Again, these feelings that I show, you seem into
I understand this wasn't luck
Our paths direct us where we know, we should pass through
It seems that ours were almost stuck
But as we wait and craft a flow, see how we grew
We'll both be happy in the end

And I don't wanna forget, it would be challenging
Everything that I had said, explained a living thing
Here's my change of heart
And the first day we had met, we weren't battling
I still remember the first time that I heard you sing
Here's my change of heart

Exercise and do your chores, so you can just
Settle down and please relax
Theres too much stress, too many doors, that lead nowhere
I'll try my best to leave you alone
I can't wait til I can pour, you some champagne
So we can sit and have a drink
To think that we can always store, everything that
We did together, with a blink

This time, this time I don't know at all
Don't you, remember that we had a ball
Forget, forget when I missed your calls
Waiting, for as long as I can stall