The 6​-​8 Experience

by Chris Krasnow

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Initially, this album was supposed to be a collaboration with my closest friends, who all happen to be drummers, and they were each going to be featured on a song that I wrote for them individually. Then I somehow broke my hand and had to wait a very long time for all of these songs to come into action, and for my hand to heal, too long where in fact we all were not in the same place anymore. So, I decided to record everything myself but as they would have done in their own styles. A lot of events and emotions went into this record, I hope it all translates. Enjoy, the 6-8 Experience!


released August 3, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Chris Krasnow

Album art by Juliette Trapani

© Chris Krasnow 2014



all rights reserved


Chris Krasnow New York, New York

Chris Krasnow is a multi-instrumentalist and recording/mixing engineer living in NYC. He plays guitar in bands Sister Helen and Citris, drums in Knucklehead and trombone whenever he feels like it. He will record your next album.
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Track Name: In the Dark of the Night
Trees start to break down
We love to hang 'round
Mud darkens with brown
Take your feet out of the damn ground

Racing faster, higher than high
Don't you sleep!
Driving fast in the dark of the night
Nothings too steep

Dream, while you hang on
Scream, into the pay phone
Lean, small little girl wants
Free, life and a drum set to bang on
Track Name: Cluttered
Put it down, it's for real
Like a crown, wounds to heal
Hear no sound, break no seal
Tightly wound, that's the deal

I'll stay at the top where crazy will get you far
Just clean my act and clutter will be no more
Divinity's shouting my name but won't answer my call
Just buck up and think how you'll never fall

Don't see the storm, then you will never know
I tried to warn but you would never go

Don't we all, want to be the one
Face the crawl, harmony will come
Track Name: Psycho
The dirt that covers the sight and overwhelmed, is over me
Finally, finally
I thought I'd been taught what does and doesn't sell, distastefully
I believed, I believed

Looks like the sight I wish I never saw, it's covered in red
Trapped in the flesh around me, try to escape and you'll bleed

Walk down the road where it seems it never ends, and think maybe
I can see, I can see
There's a mirror where your other used to stand, magically
But faintly, but faintly

where we go was right there all along
no, don't, no
lazy and draining, crazy, it makes me think
where do we see what we've seen before we blink
Track Name: Reminder
Lights don't need the night
Not just dark will bite
We won't need our sight
and we will know where to go
Follow from inside, you know
That's where conflicts lie, you know
Open up your mind,
and we will know where to go

Don't look back for sure
You never know who's a liar
They're eating at your sores
This is a friendly reminder
Strive to waste away, all the black molding decay
Let your messes burn and flow into another day
Washed up on the shore
this is a friendly reminder

Knots won't always tie, and so
Fear the beasts that lie, at home
Energy will die, we won't
And we will know where to go
Just place me in front, I'll carry on the hunt
Leaving no survivors except artistic enticers
We can't know the future, only the bright will suture
and we will know where to go

I'll take my chance outside
Even if it's on fire
It's not my place to criticize
When everyone's tired
To seize it at first sight
Up over barbed wire
Come home to ease of further mind
And make it much higher
Track Name: Bonus
The numbing is unpredictable
I'm flying I feel so despicable
Is everything really true?
Can't feel it, don't want to think about
Who is it? and how can I bail him out?
My left and my right spread out
Feeling more than I wish I could tame
Won't you help me strengthen my own game?

Shame, what to do with future fame
Aim, take a hit, it's all the same

All empty, but what did it used to hold?
The reason to why we're always so cold
Familiar taste to when
I'd need it to comprehend all the shit
That's spewing right after they'd take a hit
I don't want it
Feeling more than I wish I could tame
Won't you help me strengthen my own game?

It seems that everything is so difficult
I'm trying not to be miserable when she says:
"You need to understand"
Track Name: Outsider
Keep your distance, asshole, I'll know
Join your misfits' shallow, hell hole
Breaking me down, also, not so
Strong against me, you know, I'm always here

Make me suffer, in fact, I'll like it
Nothing you can say that, will save it
Watching windows facing, elsewhere
Just to keep me in tact, I'm always here

This was the one
Took my parts from the sum
I could still hear her voice screaming loud
Took her to run, I just want
Her to have fun
Get away
Track Name: Fade
Answer, why am I not feeling it?
And so, I refrain from fitting in

Wander, where is my road ending up?
Softer, so I can fade into this cup

All our people,
Are not simple

Some great communication
Will never reach it's goal
Based off the information
I gathered from your soul
Too late for recreation
I need to fix my scene
No hate for any longer
I need to feel serene
Track Name: White & Black
Placing blame and hating, does it ever hinder
Paint the walls with white and black to make it simpler
I don't even need someone who will surrender, if I needed fame I would go play my Fender
Listening to mine, makes you so much more tender
All the other shit reeks of multiple renders, if I needed it, I would turn to the blender
Listening to mine, I am more a defender

Only if you needed something, slowly would you flee the cloaking
Moneys all you see why don't we, hang up all the tease

Giving it up to those who seek the travel
It's right along, the winding road
If I ever meet the ones who grab hold
Leave the rest alone, don't even bother
Track Name: Alternator
We are not alone
They're wanting me
To fight back, not go home
Well I'll never flee

Savor us and we'll make you forget
Energy comes later
We made you go on the flight which you boarded
Happily fly much straighter
Aim towards the sun and make it perfect
Impair over seas, I know

You were never afraid of Stockholm, you were trying to race the sky
Below all the melted chrome, that was the reason why
I've been afraid of dealing with others, removing every single stitch
Patch it up and hit the night's road, 100 miles past every ditch

Say it loud, make it fast
All the souls will fall at last
Watch the men, we have passed
Anger because we outlast

All because we were always free
No need for hate, we all agree

The dotted lines are starting to lead us astray
Lets drink the wine, they can't control what we threw away

While this is over
Now I can be anything I want
Hanging and toasting
Burn through the lines of which I vaunt
Everyone's loner
Remembers all the times he's seen
With empathy
Trusting and awe for the machine